UGS-M Series Gear Switch (IP40)

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UGS-M series gear switch is mainly applied to the distrbution network of the industrial and mining enterprises as cable conductor, protect the circuit from overload and short circuit and connect and break power in the normal lock power condition .

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The working principle of an electrical distribution board is a fascinating one. It houses all the contact breakers, earth leakage units, doorbells and timers. In other words, it ensures that electrical supply is distributed in the building. The entire supply of electrical power comes from the network to the building via the main feeding cable. This cable transports electrical power from the electrical network to the building which is all connected via an electrical distribution board.This also makes sure that none of the devices suffer from the effects of over currents or short circuits. The UP range of distribution boards are elegant when it comes to their looks. They fit in perfectly with the interiors of your homes, adding to the aesthetics. Available in different colors, the designer DBs serve a dual purpose. They not only save you from the harmful effects of current but also make your walls magnificent.


1. Steel sheet and copper fittings inside;

2. Paint finish: Both externally and internally;

3. Protected with epoxy polyester coating;

4. Textured finish RAL7032 or RAL7035 .


More than 20 years;

Our products are accord with IEC 60947-3 standard.


Switch-disconnector Switch-disconnector Rated current Utilzation category at ue 415V to bsen60947-3 250V DC rating to bs5419 Poles Hrc fuses fitted
-hrc fuse
Model Model AC22A AC32A DC23
- SL15SC2F* 20A - 20A# SPSN 20SA2
UGS-M 15D2 SL15DC2F 20A 20A - 20A# DP 20SA2
UGS-M15TN2 SL15TNC2F 20A 11A - TPN 20SA2
- SL30SC2F* 32A - 32A SPSN 32SB3
UGS-M30D2 SL30DC2F 32A 32A - 32A DP 32SB3
UGS-M30TN2 SL30TNC2F 32A 22A - TPN 32SB3
- SL60SC2F* 63A - 63A SPSN 63SB4
UGS-M60D2 SL60DC2F 63A 63A - 63A DP 63SB4
UGS-M60TN2 SL60TNC2F 63A 39A - TPN 63SB4
- SL100SC2F* 100A - 100A SPSN 100SD5+
UGS-M 100D2 SL100DC2F 100A 100A - 100A DP 100SD5+
UGS-M 100TN2 SL100TNC2F 100A 52A - TPN 100SD5+
UGS-M200TN2 SL200TNC2F 200A 200A 52A 200A TPN 200SD6+

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