What is a fuse holder and its classification

A fuse holder is a holder used to mount a fuse. Fuse holders can be divided into: panel mount fuse holders, PCB mount fuse holders, Rail Mounted Fuse Holder,lead fuse holders, automotive fuse holders; panel mount fuse holders (mostly used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment ); lead-type fuse holder (mostly used for the connection of small household appliances and industrial machinery wiring harnesses); PCB fuse holder (mostly used for small household appliance control boards) and fuse clips (mostly used for small household appliances control boards). Automotive fuseholders can be divided into lead-type automotive fuseholders (multi-purpose automotive and industrial machinery wiring harnesses); mounting panel automotive fuseholders (mostly used for automotive electrical appliances, such as automotive amplifiers, automotive refrigerators, automotive DVDs, etc.) and automotive fuse clips. The fuse holder has requirements such as current resistance, voltage resistance and fire rating. Generally, it needs to pass safety regulations such as UL CSA VDE ROHS and EU certification.
Classification of fuse holders:
According to the classification of fuse installation, it can be divided into fuse holder and fuse holder.
According to the size of the fuse, it can be divided into large fuse holder, medium fuse holder and small fuse holder
According to the material, it can be divided into plastic fuse holder and bakelite fuse holder
According to the environmental score, it can be divided into environmentally friendly fuse holders and non-environmental fuse holders
According to the installation method, it can be divided into lead fuse box type and circuit board type fuse holder. The commonly used models for installing fuse holders on the instrument panel are (for the applicable fuse tube size): 5×20mm fuse holder and 6×30 mm fuse holder;
Car fuse holders are (suitable for blade models): small blade fuse holders, medium blade fuse holders, and large blade fuse holders.
The above are commonly used. The choice of the fuse holder depends on whether it is suitable for itself, and mainly depends on the installation size, size, shape and performance of the fuse tube.
Improved construction of fuseholders, especially fuseholders that display fuse condition and do not require replacement of their self-replicating fuses. It includes a first conductor with a plurality of screw holes and a plurality of first conductors which are respectively communicated with each other, each screw hole is screwed with a butt screw; a plurality of second conductors, each second conductor has a screw hole communicated with each other and sockets, and each screw hole is threadedly connected with an adjacent screw; a plurality of self-composite fuses are electrically connected between the first conductor and each second conductor; a base, the upper side of which is fixed with the first and second conductors a second conductor; an upper cover covering the base; and a circuit board fixed on the upper cover and having a plurality of light-emitting elements, the circuit board being electrically connected with the first conductor and each of the second conductors.

Post time: Aug-25-2022