What is distribution box and its classification purpose

The distribution box has the characteristics of high utilization rate, small footprint and environmental protection effect. It is the control center that instructs each component of the power supply route to distribute power reasonably, is the control stage that receives the above-mentioned power sources and correctly provides load power, and is also the key to the user's satisfaction with the power supply quality. Improving the reliability of power distribution boxes is the goal of creating high-quality projects.
Distribution box application: reasonable distribution of electric energy, convenient operation of circuit opening and closing. It has a high safety protection level and can visually display the conduction state of the circuit.
Commonly used distribution boxes are made of wood and metal. Due to the higher protection level of metal distribution boxes, metal is used more.
Classification by structure type and use:
(1) Fixed panel switchgear, often called switchboard or power distribution panel. It is a switchgear with panel shielding, the front has a protective function, the back and sides can still contact the live parts, and the protection level is low, and can only be used in factories and mines with low power supply continuity and reliability, as a centralized power supply for substations. (2) Protected (ie closed) switchgear refers to a low-voltage switchgear with all sides closed except the installation surface. The switch, protection, detection, control and other electrical components of this kind of cabinet are installed in a closed shell made of steel or insulating materials, and can be installed on the wall or away from the wall. The circuits in the cabinet can be protected by grounded metal plates or insulation boards without isolation measures. Generally the door is mechanically interlocked with the main switch operation. In addition, there are protective desktop switchgear (ie console). Measurement. Signal and other electrical appliances. The protective switch cabinet is mainly used as the power distribution equipment in the process site. (3) Drawer switch cabinet. The switch cabinet is made of steel plate to make a closed shell, and the electrical components of the incoming and outgoing circuit are installed in the drawer to form a functional module, which can complete certain power supply tasks. The function module is separated from the busbar or cable with a function plate made of grounded metal plate or plastic, resulting in three areas of busbar, function module and cable. There are also isolation measures between each functional module. The drawer switchgear has high reliability, safety and exchangeability. It is a relatively advanced switchgear, and the switchgear refers to the drawer switchgear. It is suitable for factories and mines with high reliability of power supply. Multi-storey buildings are used as distribution centers for centralized control. (4) Power. Lighting distribution control cabinet. Mostly closed vertical installation. Enclosure protection levels vary by application. The key is the power distribution equipment at the production site of factories and mines.
The distribution box structure is divided into two types:
1. Welding structure: simply cut sheet metal. Bend. Weld after punching.
2. Assembly structure: The sheet metal is separated and processed. After each component is assembled, it is reinforced and locked with screws and three links. The appearance is beautiful, the operation is simple, and it can save a lot of transportation costs.
Distribution boxes are generally used in homes, and distribution boxes are often used for centralized power supply, such as industrial electricity and building electricity. Distribution boxes and distribution boxes belong to complete sets of equipment, distribution boxes belong to low-voltage complete sets of equipment, and distribution boxes have high voltage and low voltage.

Post time: Aug-08-2022