Shaanxi Yulin power supply company has good rural power “double insurance”

"You can't use copper or iron wire to replace the fuse, which is very dangerous. If the household knife switch fuse is replaced by copper wire, in case of excessive electrical load, the fuse is not easy to blow, which is easy to cause the risk of personal electric shock.". On June 4, the power supply company of State Grid Yulin power supply company went into the homes of farmers in villages and towns under its jurisdiction to carry out safe power consumption inspection activities, "pulse" farmers' safe power consumption, so as to provide good insurance for farmers' safe power consumption.

Nowadays, most farmers' families have added air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers, electric kettles and other electrical appliances, and the power load has increased sharply, which is very easy to cause excessive household power load, overload of power lines, short circuit of power consumption, etc. in order to save trouble in power consumption, farmers do not understand the power "insurance" function of fuses, and use copper wires or aluminum wires instead of "fuses", Because the melting point of copper wire or aluminum wire is much higher than that of fuse, the melting point is not easy to melt, and the power supply cannot be disconnected in time, which is easy to cause electrical fire or personal electric shock.

In order to ensure the life safety of villagers, build a harmonious society and build a solid "defense line", Yulin company not only pays attention to the power supply safety of the power grid, but also takes eliminating the hidden dangers of rural power consumption safety and strengthening the popularization of household power consumption safety knowledge as an important work at present, and comprehensively checks the indoor lines, knife switches and fuses of farmers, In particular, highlight the inspection of the installation and operation of the three-level leakage protector, whether the indoor lines are standardized, whether there is aging, whether the insulation of line joints is standard, etc., timely inform them of aging, private pulling, disorderly connection or unreasonable configuration, and help formulate rectification measures to effectively avoid the occurrence of personal, equipment and other power accidents. At the same time, It also actively publicizes the knowledge of safe power consumption to customers, which has laid a solid foundation for the safe and reliable power supply of the power grid.

Post time: Mar-22-2021