The role of the distribution box and how to buy

Modern life is inseparable from various household appliances, and we need electricity everywhere in our lives: lights, mobile phone battery charging, laptops, refrigerators, electric water heaters, etc. Our daily life cannot be separated from electricity. The distribution box plays an important role in the normal use of the power circuit and the safety of power distribution. The distribution box can effectively distribute electromagnetic energy, indicating the on-off of the power circuit and protecting the circuit.
1. The function of distribution box
The efficacy of the distribution box
1. Scientific and rational distribution of electrical energy
2. It is convenient to open and close the actual operation circuit.
3. With a strong safety and waterproof level, it can vividly display the on-off status of the power circuit.
The composition of the distribution box
General high voltage distribution box frame diagram
Frame diagram of explosion-proof high voltage distribution box
2. How to buy a distribution box
1. Chassis
First, there are two key categories of distribution boxes on the market at this stage: metal enclosures and plastic enclosures. There are two types of structures: concealed and concealed. Therefore, when choosing, one must choose based on reality. Regardless of the distribution box chosen, the enclosure must be intact. The door leaf of the distribution box should be checked with a fully transparent window.
2. Model Specifications
There are many types and specifications of distribution boxes in my country's power supply system, and their shell structures and performance parameters are different. According to different application places, there are many specifications of distribution boxes, so the prices of distribution boxes vary greatly.
3. Bus bar
The wiring busbars in the distribution box should be set up with change, protective grounding wires, and phase wires, and they should be intact and have good insulation performance to ensure the safety of daily use.
Assemble the base
The installation base of the gas switch should be bright, unobstructed and have enough space.
4. Load
According to the load characteristics and main purposes, determine the lighting distribution box, power engineering distribution box or socket box. According to the size of the load current, the rated voltage and the maintenance regulations of the control object, the main circuit and the electrical switches of each loop in the distribution box are specified, and the volume and rated voltage of the household appliances are maintained.
5. Main parameters
In view of the fact that the brands of key electronic equipment commonly used in imported distribution boxes are consistent with the boxes. Therefore, when choosing imported distribution boxes, attention should be paid to the main parameters of key electronic equipment to meet the needs of users. However, we cannot blindly follow the trend and choose imported distribution boxes with strong performance parameters, which will easily lead to waste of resources. At the same time, imported distribution boxes are not necessarily suitable.
1. Application site
Distribution boxes are generally used in production and life in all walks of life, such as colleges and universities, administrative agencies, hospital clinics, processing plants, production workshops, households, etc. The construction site is generally used for technical engineering construction distribution boxes. According to different application places, choose Good merchandise.

Post time: Jul-02-2022