NH Series Fuse Link Brass And Copper Low Voltage For Electric Switch

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NT/NH series of fuse links are mainly used in electrical equipments for protecting the circuits against overload and short-circuit.It also can protecting motor.

They are suitable for the circuit of AC50Hz,rated voltage up to 1140V,「ated cu「rent up to 1250A.

The breaking capacity of the fuse links is to 120KA. The fuse links conform to the standards of IEC269.

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This series fuse is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 1140V, rated current to 1250A. lt is mainly used in the electric installation for protecting ircuit from overload and short circuit(gG/GL); it also may derive for protecting the semiconductor device and others complete set installment from hort-circuit(aR)as well as the electric motor from short-circuit(aM). he rated breaking capability for this series fuse is to 120KA.This series fuse conforms to national standard GB13539 and International electrical committee standard IEC60269.


Model of fuse link Rated  voltage(V) Rated current(A) Weight(g) Drawing No. Overall dimension(mm)
Domestic and oversea similar products
(gG)General (aR)Quick speed
NT1 NH1  - 500/690 32-250 360 1.4 135 68 20 48 62
NT2 NH2  - 500/690 80-400 650 1.4 150 68 25 58 72
NT3 NH3  - 500/690 160-630 850 1.4 150 68 32 67 84.5

Overall and installation dimensions

NH NT fuse link-3

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NH NT fuse link-1

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